Ivy Singles Social Club Happy Hour At Cuba Libre

Join Bruce McBarnette ’80, and alumni from Princeton, Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Cornell, MIT, Brown, Dartmouth, Univ. Pennsylvania, Wellesley, Vassar, Smith, and Stanford at an Ivy Singles Social Club happy hour on Thursday, February 23, 6:30-8:30pm at Cuba Libre. Be transported back to the Havana, Cuba of the 1950s at this popular restaurant and rum bar, where we’ll have our own private room.

Tunnel, Whites Corner \u2013 Turn 10 and Event Centre.Enjoy classic and contemporary Cuban cuisine by award-winning chef Guillermo Pernot, and lots of Latin libations at the cash bar. Location: Cuba Libre, 801 9th Street NW, Washington DC. Click here for directions by car or Metro. CUCDC, to Deborah Tate, 1022 N. Cleveland St., Arlington, VA 22201 by Friday February 17th; note your school on the check.

Unfortunately, co-founder Grant Van Gameran left the Hoof mysteriously (in my opinion) in the summertime and it’s sad to see because he is like the jedi master of charcuterie – such a talent. Jen Agg is the consummate hostess, however, and seems to still have the hoof going strong.

This was also after the closing of popular brunch spot the Hoof Cafe (their french toast being my favourite in the city). That said, the staff is professional and on the ball, always making sure their customers are at ease. Easily one of my favourite bars to sit at in TO.

The Hoof Cafe is now the hoof’s cocktail bar across the street and Jen is easily one of the most talented in the city, ensuring your classic drink is done well. Just don’t order vodka. The Stockyards. My favourite BBQ joint in the city. If it’s the one craving I have, it’s their buttermilk chicken.

This soft, tender chicken that would have Colonel Sanders rolling in his grave. I’ve tried other favourites like the ribs (a bit dry for me, though the BBQ sauce is tasty), but I’ll come back again for their version of the burger. It’s juicy and cooked well.

Plus, they’re smart to have a few versions. I’ll also be back for their brunch, which I hear is one of the best in the city. It’s not the coziest joint; many perfer take-out here and I always take my order to the Wychwood Barns, renovated TTC barns that is one of the more fun spots in the city to hang out.

It is well worth the commute past St. Clair and Bathurst! TheBurger’s Priest. If I’m going to die of clogged arteries, I will have the Burger’s Priest to thank at my funeral (where there will be an ice cream truck with the requisite ice cream music.

Some say the actual burger lacks flavour (a little bit, I admit) but it’s preimum beef, always cooked well and with farm fresh toppings and accoutrements. Let’s talk about the Option: melted cheese and portobello mushrooms fried in panko crust. You can get this alone or you can pair it with the cheese burger, aptly named the Priest.

The place is tiny so good luck finding a comfortable place to sit. In the summer, it’s best to take this to the beach if you can wait long enough. They also have a secret menu, my favourite being the High Priest, the answer to the Big Mac.

A much-needed boost to the East End that those West Enders actually commute to (it’s about time!).

If you want to go hog wild, get the Vatican. The link to the secret menu was covered in Now and they did a good job of explaining it. A much-needed boost to the East End that those West Enders actually commute to (it’s about time!). Overall, worth the fanfare. Campagnolo. When your friend dates a cook, you become a friend with benefits.

Complimentary cake at the bar? Don’t mind if I do! Extra special birthday perks where your group of twelve gets a custom made meal? When your friend said said cook break up, well, it’s not as fun. You can’t go there as often.

  • BLOKE & 4th
  • Buyers Online Now
  • King St. W., 416-862-1175, thirteen minutes
  • Bremner Blvd. (416-362-2337)
  • The Done Right Inn – 861 Queen St West
  • Gerrard St W, Toronto, ON M5G 1Z4
  • Reflections -Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Wellesley St., Toronto, Ont. (and several other locations)

BUT I’ll still go because the food is that good and the staff are just as nice (Craig’s one of the most down to earth guys you’ll ever meet! He’s like “meet your nana” material). I waited the obligatory time period but I had to go back. And not just for the food but also for the drinks.

Buratta with roasted grapes; pappardelle with braised rabbit; home-made prosciutto, olives and bread. And many, many winter sours! It’s one of those places you have to experience for yourself. These guys cook from the heart. And a well deserved congratulations on being chosen as one of En Route’s top restaurants in Canada for 2011. I don’t think I’ll be able to get a seat there now!

Psst: update your website dudes! Pappardelle with braised rabbit at Campagnolo. The camera wasn’t working with the lighting! Porchetta & Co. A testament to any restaurant, no matter how big or small, is the ability to transform your senses. And when you’re eating their food to not make any sense. This is how I always feel after I eat at Porchetta.